In the event of a power outage,

power may be out in a portion of a building, an entire building or the entire campus or branch center. Procedures for affected areas will be the same in all instances.

  • Immediately report any power outages to the Department of Public Safety (810) 762-0222, or activate the nearest emergency call box.
  • The Department of Public Safety will notify Facilities Services and ITS.
  • The Department of Public Safety will respond to the affected area to secure the scene and assist in evacuation.
  • Facilities Services will respond to the affected area to evaluate the situation.
  • Facilities Services will contact Consumers Energy, if needed.
  • Know the location of all fire exits.
  • Emergency lighting systems should activate so that pathways to fire exits are lit. *Note that such emergency lighting systems only operate for less than an hour.
  • Take appropriate precautions to assure your personal safety.
  • Evacuate the affected building by the nearest fire exit. If persons with disabilities cannot safely evacuate the building, assist them to the nearest fire stairwell and alert emergency personnel of their location.
  • Evacuation chairs are available for use in each building on campus. Know their locations.
  • Do not attempt to use elevators to exit the building.
  • Once outside, move to the designated assembly point and remain there until an accurate headcount is taken.
  • Do not return to or enter an evacuated building unless authorized by a uniformed public safety officer.

*Power Outage Public Address Announcement:

Attention! Attention! This is the Department of Public Safety. An immediate evacuation of this building has been ordered. A power failure has occurred and everyone must evacuate the building immediately. Please use the nearest exit. Thank you!